Michael Jackson’s Body Taken to Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Los Angeles California, On Thursday, Michael Jackson’s body will be taken to his Neverland Ranch. According to a law enforcement source, there will be a public viewing at the ranch on Friday.

A source said that a plan is being developed for a thirty-car motorcade carrying Jackson’s remains from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara County, California on Thursday.

A private memorial service for Jackson will be held on Sunday. According to the Jackson family lawyer Londell McMillian.

Neverland Ranch

Neverland Ranch

The location of Jackson’s burial is still unknown. Gary, Indiana, which is Jackson’s hometown, is requesting for him to be buried there. The mayor of Gary, Indiana Rudy Clay is asking the family to send his remains back to his hometown. Spokeswoman Lalosa Burns said that Clay has been contacting the Jackson family to make this happen.

Clay told Chicago radio station WGN that he is having a memorial for Jackson next week and he expects the body to be taken to in Gary for the service.

Burns said that the Jackson memorial service will be held at U.S. Steelworks ballpark in Gary Indiana.

Mayor Clay stated the memorial service would be, “a memorial that’s fit for the prince of peace and a memorial that’s fit for Gary, Indiana’s favorite son, the greatest entertainer that ever lived.”

However, Burns said that clay has not yet received a reply from the Jackson family.

Burns said, “The mayor had spoken with a contact of the Jackson family and expressed our interest in having that to be part of the history of this great family. We have not yet received confirmation on that.”

McMillian stated that Jackson’s will from 2002 has been found. According to the family lawyer this will may be one of several.

McMillian said that he has seen the will, but is not going to discuss its details. He said that the will must go through a process called “probating the will.”

McMillian stated, “There is a process called ‘probating the will’ that will validate any will in due course.”

Probate is the legal process to prove if a will is valid. This process is used to pass on items from the deceased to the beneficiaries.

Reported by Russell Booth rbooth@eden.rutgers.edu





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